Three Integral Components of Facebook Marketing

Three Integral Components of Facebook Marketing

August 31, 2017

Three Integral Components of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the biggest and most active social media networks in the industry. According to recent stats, there are more than a billion active members in Facebook. Around 60% of these users access Facebook on a daily basis. Try to think about the following scenario:

                A decade ago, Facebook was known by very few people (maybe few tens of thousands). Today, it is used by a billion members. Have you seen anything as successful as Facebook? Have you seen the momentum Facebook drives? Will you be able to benefit from Facebook’s mighty success?

Facebook and its success story is here to stay for a long time. Due to its huge user base, Facebook is not an option! Instead, it is one of the best markets for your brand. So, how will you use Facebook marketing? How will you find your target audiences? In a nutshell, Facebook marketing is effective because it helps brands to zero-in and identify a specific group of people. You can choose people based on interests, location and demographics.

Facebook marketing depends on three major tools: Pages, Advertisements and Groups. These tools are free and can be used by all. Each tool comes with a unique purpose and can be “clubbed together” for the greater good.

#1 Pages

Pages in Facebook are similar to user profiles. However, pages are meant for organizations, public figures and brands. Members in Facebook can like or share a page. By liking a page, users receive automatic updates. With the help of pages, a mutual relationship is created between the brand and its prospective customers. The only challenge in using pages would be the fan base. It can take weeks or even months to get a firm foothold and build a stable fan base.


#2 Ads

As suggested by its name, Ads represent targeted Facebook advertising. Facebook marketing is known for its targeted ads. You can target ads based on geographic locations, education, ages and even the kind of devices used to access Facebook. If a customer is not interested in an advertisement, they can close it! Ads is the power of Facebook marketing.

#3 Groups

Finally, you have Groups. Groups have the same qualities of discussion forums. However, you will come across many interesting features in Facebook Groups. The groups can be treated as a wall around your industry, services, products and customers. With the advent of groups, social media marketing in Facebook became engaging and easy.


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