The Thin Line between Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing

The Thin Line between Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing

September 06, 2017

The Thin Line between Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing

Few years ago, Facebook Marketing and Google AdWords Marketing were adversarial. These companies were in a long-standing rivalry. Most technology media outlets dramatized the situation and believed that the companies were in direct battle. Meanwhile, it was very difficult for businesses to decide between Google AdWords and Facebook marketing. If are new to social media marketing, you will definitely find it difficult to make a choice.

In the practical sense, these are two competitive platforms. They have unique qualities and advantages. Brands that leverage the strength of Google AdWords and Facebook will experience increased sales, better leads and maximum online visibility. According to experienced social media marketers, these platforms are useful in adopting new strategies, aligning to market demands and attracting customers. But yes, there are marked differences between Google’s and Facebook’s marketing tools.

Google AdWords?


To begin with, Google AdWords marketing is a paid tool. It is a popular form of PPC advertising. AdWords is used by thousands of companies. And, companies invest millions of dollars on AdWords. Most marketers use “Paid Search” and “AdWords” interchangeably. With paid search, you should use targeted keywords and text-based ads. The entire framework depends on keywords. Every time an advertisement is clicked, the advertiser receives a fixed amount of money. Well, PPC or Google AdWords is not a simple topic. There is so much scope behind this social media marketing strategy. In a nutshell, you use paid searches and targeted keywords to find new clients.

Facebook Marketing?

On the other hand, Facebook marketing is also known as “Paid Social”. This is where advertisements are hosted in social networks. Due to its heavy user base, Facebook marketing is a lucrative and a competitive element. Today, it is difficult to find digital marketing strategies without Facebook.



The Differences

Though AdWords and Facebook are primary marketing tools. There is a marked difference:

                Facebook marketing is the process of helping clients find your brand. Google AdWords marketing is the process of you finding new clients.

The Strengths

When it comes to advantages, Google AdWords marketing has the following strengths:

  • Every second, 40000 queries are handled by Google. That means, trillions of web queries are made every year. Google AdWords is extremely sophisticated and has an immense audience base!
  • It supports different Ad formats.

Facebook marketing offers the following benefits:

  • You can experience unparalleled granularity! Targeting audiences is an easy task.
  • It is a visual platform that works on videos, images and other forms of visual content.

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