The Numbers Behind Facebook Marketing

The Numbers Behind Facebook Marketing

August 31, 2017

Do you know that every second, there are about 20,000 people using Facebook? This number plays a very important role in Facebook marketing. May it be market research, a product launch or a promotional activity, Facebook marketing depends on its users. What began as a platform for connecting college students, has grown into one of the world’s biggest marketing platforms. As you dig deeper into Facebook, you will understand its power and effectiveness.

In this short article, you will read few Facebook stats. These stats will help you in preparing an effective social media strategy.

Users Spend More Time!

When compared against many other social media platforms, users spend more time on Facebook. On an average, users spend around 40 minutes in the site (Tumblr – 34 minutes, Instagram – 21 minutes, Twitter – 17 minutes, Snapchat – 17 minutes, LinkedIn – 9.8 minutes). This may not seem like a big deal. But, social media marketers consider 40-minutes as a live-or-die deal. Wouldn’t your brand benefit from customers who cherish your Facebook page for 40 minutes? When it comes to capturing target customers, Facebook gives you a better opportunity. It gives marketers a bigger time-window. Moreover, Facebook users share around 1.3 million pieces of information every minute. If all these users share your page or ad, your business will definitely stand apart.

Do you know that a Facebook user’s network is as valuable as a business page? According to a recent study, 30% of young adults in Facebook have around 500+ friends. And, older users have around 350+ friends. Networks are often built by word-of-mouth or through similar interests. If a user starts spreading word about your business or brand, their connections are bound to see “YOU”! This is an effective way of extending your brand’s reach.



Building Mobile Friendly Pages

Do you know that 75% of Facebook users access their profiles on mobile devices? This motivates Facebook marketers to design responsive pages. If your website is mobile friendly, you will see a massive change in your sales figures. Two-third of mobile users claim that “Responsive sites” have motivated them to buy a brand’s service or products. 


 The Invisible Link

Finally, users who like your Facebook page will definitely support your social media marketing efforts. When you design a Facebook page, make sure it is interesting and easy to use. Pages with appealing and relevant content are bound to strengthen your bond with customers.


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