The Battle Between Facebook and Google Marketing Strategies

The Battle Between Facebook and Google Marketing Strategies

September 27, 2017

The Battle Between Facebook and Google Marketing Strategies

Let’s begin with a smart question:

                Have Facebook’s Newsfeed changes made Google AdWords the next best option for advertising?

In the past few weeks, Facebook has introduced many changes to its news feed algorithms. And, this has got social media marketers scratching their heads. Most businesses are finding it difficult to cope up with Facebook’s updates. According to Facebook, these changes are to please “users” with what they really want to see. The company is quite certain about how businesses would feel disrupt. But, they are prepared to make these changes. That is because, algorithmic changes can help social media marketers in the long run! Yup, you read it right! Here is an excerpt from the company:

                With Facebook’s interesting and smart newsfeed algorithms, your business is likely to gain traffic in the long run. Your loyal customers will definitely find it easier to like and share your brand. This means, businesses will get more reach if they have worked towards reaching.

Meanwhile, Google AdWords marketing is catching up. Google focuses on the right “timing”. The search engine believes that all marketing efforts are search-related. Most of the time, customers look for specific products and services. If you are engaging in social media marketing, you must design strategies that can satisfy these requirements! You must focus on local business requirements and fine-tune your keywords/phrases.




Quality Should be your lifeline!

Both Facebook marketing and Google AdWords marketing depends on “Quality”. Without quality, your brand will not go anywhere. Never focus on fancy marketing strategies. Always be bold and accurate. You should use meaningful content to appeal customers. When you post quality content, both Google and Facebook will endorse your business. These social media marketing platforms will increase your brand’s virtual presence.


Past, Present and Tomorrow!

On the whole, social media marketing is the next (and present) big thing! All businesses should focus on social media marketing. To be more precise, they should invest on both Facebook and Google Ads. Your social media marketing strategy should be customized to suit the nature of your business and audiences. When you want to promote visual elements to a well-defined group of people, Facebook marketing will suit you. If you want a social media marketing site to grab customers and enjoy an edge in the market, you must shop around Google AdWords.

Tip for the Day: At all times, use Facebook and Google AdWords marketing wisely, to enjoy great results!


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