Connecting with Customers at a better level? Use Social Media Marketing

Connecting with Customers at a better level? Use Social Media Marketing

August 26, 2017

Big or small, all businesses need to experience the benefits of social media marketing! In this modern era, you need social media to appeal customers and stay relevant. Few years ago, secretaries and receptionists were a company’s first point of contact. Today, websites and social media profiles identify a company. The role of receptionists and agents are completely replaced by social media profiles. If you have not started social marketing, you are missing a great deal of fun!

In this short article, you will read about the benefits of social media marketing for your business. In the long run, these benefits will turn into hefty returns on investment. Before you read about the benefits of social media marketing, you must be aware of the following stats:

  • Around 30% of online users depend on social networks to understand more about products.
  • Around 40% of online users stay in touch with their favorite brands in social networks.

Boosting Exposure, Boosting Service

Undeniably, social media marketing is your first step towards brand awareness or increase virtual exposure. When you utilize the feature of this novel marketing strategy, you will expose your brand to many new customers. With the right kind of social media marketing strategies (especially in websites like Facebook and Twitter) your message will be viewed by thousands (if not millions) of users. This is way of getting people to talk about your business. “Reachability” is a key property of social media networks. You don’t reach the person next to you, or the person in the next building – instead, you can reach someone across the world! Sooner, you will be able to understand who your target customers are! Remember, this is an important phase of business promotion. All your promotional activities depend on your target customers. Getting to know them better is a “magical” opportunity.

Staying Connected, Staying Responsive

Moving on, social media marketing will help you boost your brand’s customer service. A lot of customers are reluctant to connect with “brands”. They don’t prefer reaching out. Instead, they shift from one brand to another. In such cases, what would you do? When you invest on social media profiles, customers will have a quick and an easy point of contact. They are bound to make comments and await for responses. According to study by Social Habit, customers (nearly 45%) prefer brands with responsive social media profiles. They love it when brands respond in less than one hour.

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